Emergency, transitional and long-term social housing

Sheltering Arms exists to achieve positive outcomes for people who need a warm, safe, dry home, while also enabling private investors and stakeholders to achieve secure returns on their investment.

It is the continuous aim of Sheltering Arms to leverage private investments and corporate entities and to work collaboratively to increase the supply of housing in New Zealand.

The organisation offers the following services:


Supporting homeless families – including the working poor and the elderly – who are in serious need of accommodation, Sheltering Arms sources, manages and maintains good quality facilities on behalf of tenants and investors.

Unlike some emergency housing provisions, tenants are not ‘turfed-out’ to make way for higher paying customers whenever there’s a big event on in town.

Good quality, safe, dry accommodation is made available to families for on average up to 12 weeks while suitable ‘transitional’ housing is prepared.


Sheltering Arms sources (including project managing construction projects along with developers), manages and maintains good quality, full furnished transitional housing.

During this period the organisation supports and assists tenants where possible through life skills training and development as they prepare to move into their new long term home – whether this is a private rental or a Sheltering Arms house.

Sheltering Arms offers support to tenants where there are struggles around large families, low income or debt.


While in some cases around New Zealand tenants can be trapped into short term accommodation for years, Sheltering Arms is working to alleviate the housing shortage problem by working with developers to complete large scale housing construction projects for lease.

There are fewer rewards greater than being able to hand tenants the keys to their new home – one that is modern, insulated and fully furnished in beautiful surroundings. Sheltering Arms understands that the first step to helping people get back on their feet is to provide them with a home where they are safe and secure – a house they can appreciate.

With access to income-related rent subsidies, Sheltering Arms brings families and investors together to provide fully furnished homes complete with internet, heating and insulation.