Stable long term tenancies

Sheltering Arms provides a working relationship between tenants and your property manager.  It is critical to achieve good communication to maintain long term, stable tenancies.

Our homes

A good quality Sheltering Arms home is more than security and a roof over one’s head. It is the foundation of a quality life for people who make it their home.

What we do

We deliver modern, healthy homes for our tenants and work with our owners to protect their investments.

Why we're different

Utilising tools like intensive tenancy management, Sheltering Arms applies commercial thinking along with a social heart to New Zealand’s growing rental population.

Who we are

Sheltering Arms offers a pathway of housing options underpinned by best practice tenancy and asset management. We achieve positive outcomes for all our people (tenants, investors and stakeholders).

How we work

  1. Good tenant selection
  2. Prospective tenant checks including reference and credit checks
  3. Property inspections every three months
  4. Issues dealt with immediately
  5. Regular rent reviews
  6. Automated systems and processes to improve both the owner and tenant experience

Our belief

Identifying the right tenants for the right property to make the best “fit” gives the tenants every opportunity to create the best outcomes for owners.


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